The Latest Travel Trends

Feb 20, 2023

In a recent article in The Courier Mail, writer Jane Armistead interviews Australia’s top travel bosses, pioneers and trailblazers to share what the future of travel looks like, the new trends post-pandemic and their favourite holidays, travel tips and must-visit destinations for 2023. Among the travel titans featured are James and Hayley Baillie, Co-Founders of Baillie Lodges.

Luxury Lodges of Australia Executive Chair, Penny Rafferty answers the question; ‘What are the latest travel trends?’

“In terms of destinations, anywhere in nature. The natural isolation and small scale of the lodges certainly seems to be resonating with the sorts of places people want to travel to. When it comes to habits, it’s about taking our wellbeing and sustainability practises with us when we travel. Globally there is a far better understanding of what that means: buy local, carry a water bottle, respect local culture, leave nothing but footprints, recycle, awareness of wastefulness, water use.” says Penny.

Subscribers to The Courier Mail can read the full article here, or for the PDF version, visit.


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