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Arkaba - At a Glance

**As COVID-19 impacts our world in rapid and unforgiving ways, we all face new challenges, and need to think laterally. In order to weather the accumulating storm and emerge to reopen and reconnect you with the Flinders Ranges landscape, Wild Bush Luxury have taken the difficult decision to temporarily close Arkaba to guest arrivals. The plan is to welcome back guests on 01 April 2021 when daytime temperatures begin to cool, wildlife becomes more active throughout the day and flowering plants bring splashes of colour to our outback Australian landscape. Their conservation work out in the field is firmly embedded and will continue through the closed period. And don’t worry, there’s no chance they'll get cabin fever - they have 60,000 ancient acres and many special habitats to look after!

“If any good is to come from this crisis, hopefully a greater understanding emerges of how we conduct our lives sustainably and an appreciation of the natural world on which our livelihoods ultimately depend.” Charles Carlow, Founder

Arkaba’s true luxury is delivered by the fact that its 60,000 acres are shared by just 10 guests, taking the definition of exclusivity to a new level in Australia.  Located in the ancient and awe-inspiring grand scale landscape of the Flinders Ranges, Arkaba is a genuine blend of conservation and tourism.

Flanked by the strikingly beautiful Elder and Chase Ranges and Rawnsley Bluff, Arkaba is recognised one of the most beautiful outback properties in the country.  Arkaba has an Aboriginal history going back thousands of years and a geological history that dates back hundreds of millions of years.

“To walk at Arkaba is to take a journey through 500 million years of geological time, tens of thousands of years of Aboriginal history and two centuries of European settlement. And to see the Australian landscape with new eyes.”

Arkaba’s settler history stretches back to the 1850s and one of the property’s earliest guests was John McDouall Stuart on his epic first crossing of the continent. 

Formerly a sheep station and now a private conservancy, Arkaba provides the opportunity for guests to immerse themselves in the story of the bush – its ancient geology, diverse wildlife and the chance to get ‘hands on’ with the conservation programs of the property.  Arkaba’s team of expert field guides live and breathe the bush and through a mix of guided walks, open top safari drives and sheer passion, they will open up the secrets of one of Australia’s most fascinating and spectacular landscapes.

The homestead’s 5 ensuite bedrooms have been tastefully restored in tune with the property’s pioneering history and, in tune with Wild Bush Luxury’s understated yet cleverly up-cycled Australian style, a stay is more like staying with friends in the country than a typical luxury hotel.

"You might come to Arkaba for the wild, open spaciousness of the outback, the sense of being far away from everything, the chance to dine under the stars. But your presence here is not just about you. It's helping to fund a transformation ... returning the land to its natural state, and turning a 150-year-old sheep station into a private wildlife reserve" Louise Southerden, Sydney Morning Herald.

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Ancient landscapes
A truly ancient landscape molded by hundreds of millions of years of geological activity, the Flinders Ranges offer some of Australia’s most spectacular outback scenery.


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