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As the world mobilises, an increasing number of travellers and so many of our lodge guests actively seek experiences that allow them to have positive impact while travelling. Positive impact is recognised as a fundamental part of the luxury and privilege of travel. Our guests are interested in and want to be aware of not just sustainable tourism best practices and sustainable operations, but to know that their visit is in some shape or form is an active contributor to environmental preservation and regeneration, and the enrichment and well-being of local communities and cultures.

Purpose and positive impact is at the core of what it means to be a Luxury Lodge of Australia. From leadership in conservation and environmental sustainability; to engagement with Indigenous and often remote local communities, the ‘makers’, skilled craftspeople, local to each region; to the encouragement and support of hundreds of local food and beverage producers; and economic empowerment of regional communities through excellence and sustainable highest quality tourism.

Some of the lodges are recognised globally for their work. As the lodges are owned and operated independently of each other, and operate in vastly different environments, these practises of course cover a wide gamut of activities. Here is a snapshot of these best practise initiatives for each lodge…with a link to further information on each to learn more about both the legacy stories, and the lodge interpretations of the mandatories of sustainable business today.

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A myriad of successful conservation programs have been implemented since 2009 focusing on eradicating feral species and reversing the impacts of over a 100 years of livestock grazing. More »

Bamurru Plains

Their strongly held belief is that tourism should help foster conservation of Australia’s natural and cultural heritage and the rate includes a contribution to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy. More »

Capella Lodge

Collaborates closely with the Lord Howe Island Board to implement management policies in keeping with the destination’s World Heritage listing. More »

El Questro Homestead

Together with the traditional owners of the Kimberley, the Balanggarra people in the north and the Nyaliga in the south, El Questro Homestead see themselves as custodians of this precious swathe of truly wild country. They aim to preserve it for the future and share its wonders with guests, creating opportunities to discover and learn. More »

Lake House

Underlying everything is the philosophy that a regional destination restaurant cannot exist in isolation from its region. Lake House’s cuisine and experiences celebrate the beauty of the local people, place and seasons. More »

Lizard Island

Conservation and education about the intricacies of the reef ecosystem – and the various challenges facing it – underpin the operations and guest experience on the island. More »


Guided interpretations of the Red Centre’s natural landscape and personal interactions with Indigenous artists add another level of understanding and appreciation for Australia’s spiritual heart. More »

Mt Mulligan Lodge

Is focused on reducing the impact on the environment by treading lightly on the landscape and making a positive impact on the community and preserving its history. More »

Pretty Beach House

Honouring the Aboriginal cultural heritage of the site and its original inhabitants is a priority. More »


The guest experience is designed to showcase the outstanding natural beauty of the surrounding Great Barrier Reef. More »


Designed and built on a framework of sustainability principles that underpin every aspect of the Lodge’s architecture, daily operations, supply chain and guest experience. More »

Sal Salis

Is a model ecotourism development camp operated under The Department of Parks and Wildlife. By virtue of the small size and the extreme care taken in operation, the impact on the environment is minimal. More »

Silky Oaks Lodge

Guests connect with the Indigenous heritage of the land, enjoy the fruits of Tropical North Queensland’s rich food bowl and at the end of the visit, leave with a reinvigorated perspective on life. More »

Southern Ocean Lodge

Was situated on an important wildlife corridor between two National Parks – Kelly Hill Caves and Flinders Chase National Parks. A dynamic environmental management plan steers future lodge operations. More »

Spicers Peak Lodge

The environmental vision is to build a commitment to the conservation, management and sustainable use of land that extends for generations. More »

The Louise

Operate from a commitment and a belief that The Louise exists to add value for our guests, employees, our local community and to the sustainable environment of the planet. More »

True North

Embarking on an expedition adventure is an environmentally sensitive means of accessing wilderness by being able to provide access to environments without the intrusion of roads. More »


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