Gift Vouchers

The gift of travel is also the gift of memories, transformation, learning and so many powerful and motivating things for so many people. And travel is a very personal thing.

If you just can’t peg a date for a trip yet, or you want to treat someone special to something to really look forward to, but let them have the freedom to chose, time, location and experience by what really inspires them as well as being convenient, please contact us to purchase a Luxury Lodges of Australia Gift Voucher. Minimum value AUD$2000 inc GST.

*Please note: we are unable to process vouchers between 21st December 2023 and 02nd January 2024.  

Create moments of excitement and in turn, extraordinary memories, with the gift of an unforgettable journey. 

Everyone needs a moment of anticipation right now…

Please be aware, Luxury Lodges of Australia is not a booking agency or a travel planner so cannot create a full itinerary for you. If you prefer to have a travel planner arrange all details of your itinerary, please contact a trusted travel advisor in your area. All lodges are independently owned and operated and do not have one central reservations agency. Any booking at a lodge via a Luxury Lodges of Australia Gift Voucher is subject to the terms and conditions of that lodge. 



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