Planning your travel between Australia’s Luxury Lodges

Below you will find brief information with great 'from the source' tips about traveling to or between any of Australia’s luxury lodges - an invaluable guide when planning a trip, and whether you book direct with your chosen destinations, or via your preferred travel specialist, the aim is to minimise time in transit, and maximise time experiencing our incredible destinations.

Distances currently shown in Kilometres
(change to miles)

Arkaba SA

2561 1591

Bamurru Plains NT

2202 13682924 1817

Cape Lodge WA

1905 11843511 21824107 2552

Capella Lodge NSW

2322 1443585 3642354 14633587 2229

El Questro Homestead WA

1048 6512979 18513251 2020857 5332938 1826

Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley NSW

566 3523034 18852659 16521513 9402580 1771713 443

Lake House VIC

2291 14241496 9303718 23102328 14471880 11692114 13142516 1623

Lizard Island QLD

1278 7941437 8931808 11232829 17581071 6652060 12801830 11371910 1187

Longitude 131° NT

1152 7163076 19113354 2084756 4703046 1893114 71781 4862172 13502174 1351

Pretty Beach House NSW

1852 11512031 12623656 22721602 9952267 14091437 8931943 1207729 4531919 11921481 920

qualia QLD

1173 7293667 22793044 18911515 9413483 2164997 619635 3953053 18972451 1523991 6162415 1501

Saffire Freycinet TAS

2785 17312241 13931233 7664573 28421671 10383755 23333336 20713457 21481784 11093869 24043654 22703861 2399

Sal Salis WA

3004 18662728 16955587 34712177 13522953 18342469 15342325 144478 461779 11052458 1527573 3563744 23265359 3329

Silky Oaks Lodge QLD

257 1602675 16622004 12452114 14132385 13821261 784670 4162516 15631317 8181359 8442103 13701197 7442679 16653308 2055

Southern Ocean Lodge SA

1459 9072761 17163602 2238752 4672843 1767608 3781281 7961651 10262147 1334607 377929 5771597 9923922 24371892 11751706 1060

Spicers Peak Lodge QLD

360 2232561 15912202 13681905 11842322 14431048 651566 3522291 14241278 7941152 7161852 11511173 7292785 17313004 1866257 1601459 907

The Louise SA

2468 15341212 7531884 11713994 2482250 1503261 20263030 18832508 15581213 7543374 20972820 17533638 22601029 6393996 24822461 15293275 20352468 1534

True North Adventure Cruises WA

* Travel time is an approximate guide for planning purposes and includes usual check-in and transfer times, but is subject to transport operator timetables.

Notes for Using the “Plan Your Trip” Guidance

Transit times between lodges have been estimated based upon logical daily available connections available to the independent traveler. Times are simply a first approximation to what may be expected in a real situation and should be used only for general planning purposes. Individual travelers who are comfortable booking their own airline flights and rental cars will find that getting around Australia will be easy to plan and book, and arrangements will be as they would expect in any highly-developed competitive economy that cares for visitors.

As airlines regularly adjust schedules and routings, the information that was deemed accurate at initial publication may have subsequently changed, and certain of these transit times may be optimistic or not achievable in practice. Some lodges are closed for a part of each year, and some airline routings used for this table of transit times do not operate every day of the week. You are advised to check with the carriers and to obtain updated information from the respective properties before booking your travels.  Luxury Lodges of Australia Ltd assumes no liability for the accuracy of the information presented in this planning table.

In calculating the transit times and routings in this information, Luxury Lodges of Australia has presumed that starting time at the point of departure would not be prior to 6am and that arrival time at the destination would not be after 9pm. (Where this would have been required, the journey has been adjusted to allow an overnight stay in a logical major city along the route to the destination.)  In the vast majority of cases, transits can be accomplished with a normal mid-morning departure after breakfast and arrival will be prior to commencement of late afternoon guest activities and/or evening dinner. Where the transit indicates a driving segment, it is presumed the guest is operating a standard rental car, driving at posted speeds in normal weather conditions, without highway construction or other delays, and allows time for regular breaks.  Where guests wish to add sightseeing stops, detours or meal breaks, this should be taken into consideration to determine if connections remain viable. When a driving segment is followed by a flight segment, a minimum of 90 minutes has been allowed to turn in a rental car and check-in with the airline at a major airport (and 45 minutes at smaller regional airports).  Where airline connecting flights are indicated, only airlines allowing inter-line luggage connections have been considered, such that claiming and re-checking baggage at an intermediate airport has been avoided.

While Australia is a large country (about the size of the contiguous United States or the European Union), getting around is remarkably straightforward. Australians have a refreshing can-do attitude, highways are of good condition (some off-road driving is required to reach a few remote lodges), airlines are punctual and have excellent safety records, airports are clean and relatively easy to navigate and security procedures are smooth and proficient. Other than transcontinental flights between Perth with the east coast of Australia, domestic flights are generally of 1 to 3 hour durations. At the time of this writing, all four major domestic Australian airlines expect domestic check-in to be completed 45 minutes before posted departure time, which is generally sufficient to then clear security and have a leisurely boarding. All airlines have assigned seats, with most flights allowing online seat selection about 24 hours before departure (earlier for some club members and frequent flyers). Qantas and Virgin Blue fly primarily Boeing 737 aircraft domestically while Jetstar and Tiger Airways use predominately Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft. Regional airlines deploy primarily two-engine prop aircraft for short extension connections, while private flights are typically accomplished in single engine smaller planes. Major rental car agency counters and cars tend to be directly adjacent to airport terminals (Australia does not require passengers to endure the bus ride to the remote lot, except for some of the discount car hire firms.)

Several of the Luxury Lodges of Australia properties are sited in remote locations where it is best for them and for guests that the final leg of the journey to their property is provided by their local transport specialist. These will be spelled out in their booking conditions and the price and availability of these transport services will be clearly delineated.


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