Marketing Assets

We understand the need for easy access to high quality, up-to-date assets for media and trade use, often required at the last minute. Access a wealth of resources below or contact us with any specific requirements.

Need an image urgently? Luxury Lodges of Australia maintains a core image library for each of the nineteen lodges in the collection. Downloaded assets must be used solely for the promotion of the properties they depict.

Our video library features both individual lodge and destination videos providing motivational and educational visual resources. Please tag the relevant lodge appropriately using the format ‘LLoA–Lodge–Destination’.

A video link download from our Vimeo channel can be embedded and leveraged in many ways to assist with training, educating and inspiring staff and clients. Please tag the relevant lodge appropriately using the format ‘LLoA–Lodge–Destination’.

Our YouTube Channel features both individual lodge and destination videos providing motivational and educational visual resources.

Download Luxury Lodges of Australia and lodge logo assets in a variety of formats and orientations for print or digital use as required.

Our map library includes a wide selection of maps available clearly showing lodge locations around Australia and proximity to capital cities and airports. We also have consortia maps available for marketing use.

Visit Follow the Lodges for quick access to the social media accounts, business profiles and video content maintained by the lodges individually.

Contact us if you are interested in a ‘white–labelled’ brochure including your contact details to assist with the promotion of Australian experiential luxury to your clients.


The Luxury Lodges of Australia brochure has become a treasured and widely recognisable piece of collateral for trade and guests alike, enjoyed both online and in printed form at our lodges. The brochure is available to view or download in eight languages below.

Media Resources

Luxury Lodges of Australia is a trusted source and central repository for all the latest news and media coverage from the lodges. Access personal and unique articles from our storytellers, lending a deeper perspective.

Keep in touch with the latest news from the lodges. We also maintain a news archive for reference purposes.

Access a set of media backgrounders including a roundup of media bites with links to more detail across many themes including environmental and cultural sustainability, First Nations experiences, food and wine and more.

Luxury Lodges of Australia is acutely aware of the extraordinary privilege of operating tourism businesses in some of the most environmentally and culturally significant places on Earth. Learn more about the halo effect and our commitment to sustainability.

Meaningful, authentic and exclusive experiences crafted and hosted by local experts, allow guests to really get under the skin of a place and explore the homegrown identity behind the Luxury Lodges of Australia’s remote regions. Meet our people.


An increasing number of travellers and so many of our lodge guests actively seek experiences that allow them to have positive impact while travelling. Purpose and positive impact is at the core of what it means to be a Luxury Lodge of Australia. Learn how the lodges are working to conserve Country and culture.

Planning Tools

There is a lot to consider when planning a trip to and around Australia. Get a better understanding of what the individual lodges offer and how you can build the perfect itinerary for your client’s requirements.

Use our availability calendar to provide a general overview of current and future availability across the lodges, however please note that availability and bookings can only be confirmed with each lodge directly.

Creating a client itinerary? Our suggested itineraries highlight and link a selection of luxury lodges and camps and the experiences, helping to minimise time in transit and maximise time experiencing the incredible destinations and lodges on offer.

The vast continent of Australia yields fresh perspectives from season to season. Use our Seasonal Planner to discover activities and adventures available in our incredible destinations across the year.

Most lodges offer a rate inclusive of a range of meals, beverages and importantly, experiences. However, the inclusions in an all-included tariff are not generally the same. Find out what’s included at each of the lodges.

Our Accommodation Summary provides a quick reference guide to each lodge’s capacity, room types, bedding configurations, child policies and other specifications.

The era of luxury for luxury’s sake as an incentive has been replaced by the desire to be inspired, to connect with the environment, to learn from the people and the culture of a place. Learn more about wonderful opportunities for group travel.

In remote regional Australia, internet and mobile access can be challenging. For those who need to stay connected, or simply enjoy it while travelling, here is a summary of WiFi and mobile access at Australia’s luxury lodges.

Over 350 diverse experiences offered across the collection offer a personal connection to the landscape, culture and an authentic sense of place. Browse experiences by category and filter by season, destination or lodge to find the perfect fit for an itinerary.


We keep an eye on the upcoming events from the lodges so you can ensure that your clients don’t miss out on special experiences or limited time offers. 

Training Resources

Luxury Lodges of Australia is passionate about sharing our knowledge of Australia’s extraordinary diversity of place and experience. 

Australia is not only beautiful, it is big. Get a sense of the scale and perspective of our island continent via our interactive map, and a better understanding of the need to plan and sequence travel to and from destinations when building client itineraries.

If you have a network or team of more than six people, there is the opportunity to organise a live webinar session. Contact us to discuss your training requirements.

Contact us to find out what’s available in your language.

To expand on your knowledge on the lodges, Tourism Australia and Signature Experience of Australia have in-depth training modules available through their Aussie Specialist Program. Please contact us to discuss your specific training requirements.


Luxury Lodges of Australia’s digital magazine, Lodge Life houses a collection of insightful and inspiring stories of Australian experiential luxury by some of the country’s best travel writers. Learn more about our people, places and purpose to inspire your itinerary planning.

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Luxury Lodges of Australia is a membership marketing initiative. It is a referral and information source but not a booking service. Please contact the properties direct with any availability, rates or booking enquiries.

For all sales, availability, rates or booking enquiries, please contact the lodges directly via the email details provided in our Trade Contacts list.

For all media enquiries, please contact us.

Visit About us for more information about the history and team behind Luxury Lodges of Australia or regarding membership or marketing initiatives with the association.

We recommend the experiences offered by the organisations in Signature Experiences of Australia to complement the itineraries of clients with specific interests. Visit website for more information and all enquiries.