Each place has a compelling reason for guests to travel there, to experience, discover, to connect...

The trusted source for luxury Australian travel experiences and accommodation. This is a collection of the best high-end lodges and camps, located across diverse regions of Australia. 

Collectively, the lodges showcase Australia’s extraordinary diversity of place and experience, underpinned by the soft luxuries expected by our guests. Purpose and positive impact is at the core of what it means to be a Luxury Lodge of Australia. Read more…

The lodges are much more than just a (great) place to stay. Delivery of connection to place is key to the purpose of each lodge. Between them the lodges deliver over 250 individual experiences and activities, all created to give guests a genuine sense of place, with the luxury of privileged access. Take a closer look »


These video stories are all about the connection with place, via privileged access to diverse landscapes, to knowledgable characters and the people of our places, to our rich food, wine and beverage culture, our wildlife, our everything…

Our videos were created out of the desire to show people why they should visit a lodge? What would they do there? How would it make them feel? Take a look… and see how they make you feel.

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What to do when


The first thing people often ask when planning a trip to Australia is… When is the best time to go? The honest answer is, our sheer scale and diversity of environment and climate across the continent means, for Australia, guests are spoilt for choice, at any time of the year.

This part of our website helps guide you across over 250 experiences and easily sorts them by season and by lodge, so guests can plan by activity preference, or by time of year – summer, autumn, winter or spring.

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Your adventure starts here.

The Luxury Lodges of Australia are devoted to connecting their guests with a sense of place. It is their signature experiences that make a visit to any of these Australian regions genuine, memorable and for some, life-changing.

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Australia: Inspired Escapes + Culinary Journeys

Australia: Inspired Escapes + Culinary Journeys

Southern Crossings and Gourmet Traveller collaborate to present a premium hardcover travel cook book; ‘Australia: Inspired Escapes + Culinary Journeys’ featuring 13 Luxury Lodges of... More »

Our Gift To You

Our Gift To You

It is hard to believe we are nearly at the end of 2021. And ‘what a year’ it has been… clearly an understatement for us all.   Our gift to you as we head into holiday season, is a new... More »

Adventure South West

Adventure South West

Perth – Esperance – Fremantle 20 – 28 January 2022 Escape from the city with True North Adventures on an eight day Adventure South West journey to Esperance, Western Australia and... More »

Lonely Planet’s Top 10

Lonely Planet’s Top 10

The phenomenal views of the Great Dividing Range and the surrounding World Heritage-listed national parks of Spicers Peak Lodge have been honoured by well-heeled global travel authority Lonely Planet,... More »

Eastern Kuku Yalanji Daintree Rainforest Handback

Eastern Kuku Yalanji Daintree Rainforest Handback

The world’s oldest living rainforest has been officially returned ownership to the Traditional Owners, the Eastern Kuku Yalanji people in a historic handback ceremony including the UNESCO World... More »


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