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Sal Salis - At a Glance

Where the outback meets the reef... With just fifteen eco-luxe wilderness tents and one honeymoon tent hidden amongst the dunes overlooking Ningaloo Reef, Sal Salis provides a unique place from which to explore Western Australia’s coral coast and one of Australia’s best kept natural secrets. 

This is the best place in the world to swim with Whale Sharks.

The attraction lies in the coral reef, just a few metres off shore, and its colourful corals and marine residents. Ningaloo is also acknowledged as the best place in the world to swim with the world’s largest fish, the Whale Shark, as these gentle giants migrate through every year. From August 2016, swimming with humpback whales will also be a highlight for guests at Sal Salis. The coastal dunes and gorges in the Cape Range National Park provide a prolific terrestrial wildlife experience with red kangaroo, euros, echidnas, emus and more seen in and around the camp.  

Sal Salis brings a touch of style to a remote and spectacularly beautiful wilderness region, but the true luxury of Sal Salis is the chance to reconnect with nature and escape from the everyday.  Safari guides are on hand to provide an immersive wilderness experience, and the ritual of sundowners is a time of laughter, sharing of exceptional local knowledge and wonder at the inimitability of Ningaloo. The resident chef ensures this is supported by the very best of Australian bush cuisine and a selection of fine Western Australian wines. The camp’s environmental credentials ensure a minimal footprint in this pristine environment.  Sal Salis does not offer traditional luxury, rather it the luxury is in the experience.

“... I discovered my hammock strung outside my tent and, more important, I discovered that if I lay in it long enough, I could watch whales blowing and curling out on the ink-blue horizon.” Max Anderson, The Sunday Times


Sal Salis
A Luxury Lodge of Australia. Watch video »

Ningaloo Reef
The coastal reef and inshore waters of Ningaloo Reef provide one of Australia’s great marine experiences, while the limestone back-drop of the Cape Range hides deep gorges of spectacular beauty. The coral reef is literally on the doorstep and the Sal Salis guides are passionate and knowledgeable people who love sharing this place with guests. There are over 500 species of fish, 250 coral species and 600 species of mollusc. Ningaloo is known as one of the best places on earth to see and swim with Whale Sharks and Manta Rays. It is also a major breeding area for Hawksbill, Green and Loggerhead Turtles, which are seen daily in front of the camp. Find out more »

Mandu Mandu Gorge
Two kms behind the camp, a walk up Mandu Mandu gorge is a step back in geological history with fossil bearing limestone formations and spectacular views back to the coast. The history of 30,000 years of human habitation in this area is slowly unfolding from studies of artefacts, middens and rock shelters. Find out more »


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