Luxury hotels in Australia begin to re-open

May 28, 2020

Writing for the Financial Review, Fiona Caruthers and Nina Karnikowski take a look at the Luxury Lodges around Australia planning their comebacks as States consider opening their borders.

Cape Lodge and Pretty Beach House will be the first Luxury Lodges to re-open on May 29 and June 1st respectively, with the majority to re-open as soon as restrictions allow. In the meantime, “there has been no time wasted during the lock-down” according to Emma Welling Director of Sales and Marketing at The Louise, Barossa Valley. With the assistance of Job Keeper, The Louise has managed to retain all full-time and part-time staff at the lodge, and they’re now preparing for reopening.

Subscribers can read the full article via the link here.

To view the  full article as a PDF, read via the link here.


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