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Situated between the state’s coastal temperature zones, the Barossa Valley is regarded as a warm climate region, with temperatures in the summer often rising to 30°C. Its warm sunshine makes its viticultural temperature slightly warmer than wines regions Bordeaux in France and the Margaret River Western Australia.

A Mediterranean climate best describes weather in the Barossa, with its warm, dry summers and cool, wet winters ideal for viticulture as well as fruit and vegetable and livestock farming. Winter months bring chilly days, perfect for sitting by the fire and enjoying a glass of the regions wine. The autumnal months endure a milder climate, but still have pleasant sunny days with clear skies and cool evenings. Spring in the Barossa is fine, with warmer days signalling buds to burst on the vineyards, bright green leaves to spread along the wines and fruit trees to blossom in pinks, whites and reds. It’s a season to enjoy outdoor activities alongside wine tasting and long, al fresco lunches.

The busy harvest season runs from mid-February to late April. A community of producers, Barossans are in tune with the seasons and in keeping with tradition continue to keep an eye on the nature’s cycles, moon, the harvest and the long-term forecast.

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