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Weather and Climate

Sal Salis enjoys a climate often described as Mediterranean, experiencing warm weather throughout the year.

From April to June it is cool in the mornings with an offshore breeze and warm during the day. This is the beginning of the season for swimming with whale sharks. Evenings are cool and still.   Nights will be cool with warm days from July to September. Humpback whales are regularly sighted offshore, having migrated north from Antarctica to breed in these waters.  October to December sees temperatures rise throughout the day, with a cool sea breeze. The humpback whales return south and turtles begin their nesting. 

The dress code is smart casual with light clothing most suitable for the summer months.  In the cooler months a wind breaker is recommended to protect you against the afternoon breeze.

Please note that Sal Salis is closed throughout the hottest part of the year, from mid-November to mid-March. 


Sal Salis Weather

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