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Weather and Climate

Bamurru Plains enjoys a tropical climate and monsoonal weather patterns that result in a number of distinct seasons and transforming environment. Our summers and autumns are hot and wet, with the floodplain soaking a third of the property in full flood, making for amazing barramundi fishing by airboat. Average daily temperatures in the summer and autumn months range from 20-33 degrees. Winter and spring months at Bamurru are very pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 17 - 30°C. These months promise amazing opportunities to explore the savannah bush by safari drive or quad bike, or to adventure onto the Sampan Creek for private pontoon access on croc-spotting river cruises.

The dress code is smart casual, with light clothing most suitable for the climate.  Long sleeves  and wide brimmed hats are recommended for protection against the sun and light walking or hiking boots suggested for bush walks throughout the property.  Sunglasses and sunscreen are essential.

From April to July, the early part of the Dry season sees cool nights and early morning fogs leading to warm and dry days that are generally cloudless and lead into spectacular sunsets (21 - 32 degrees).  From August the receding floodplains concentrate in billabongs bringing masses of birdlife to the region whilst the days and nights become warmer. 

The Wet season spans from November to April, a time of increased humidity and increased rainfall (25-33 degrees).  The Wet season is a stunning time to see Bamurru Plains. Waterfalls tumble, skies host incredible light shows, and the landscape turns a lush green.  The Wet season is the best time of year for Barramundi fishing

Opening and Closing:
Bamurru Plains is closed 1st November until 31st January each year during the early months of the wet season when weather conditions are particularly humid. Between 1st February until 30th April, Bamurru Plains is an exclusive fishing lodge.  The Leisure Travel Season operates from the 1st May until the 31st October.

Bamurru Plains Weather

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