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Exploration and adventure is the very essence of a True North cruise.  And the True North's flagship 'Kimberley Wilderness Cruise' is the quintessential adventure cruise. This is a wild and beautiful panorama of rugged mountains, spectacular gorges and majestic waterfalls, unexplained rock-art, extraordinary wildlife and monster barramundi.

“Our experiences are designed to ignite our guests’ sense of wonder – and that in turn inspires an appreciation of the importance of preserving wilderness.” - True North Founder and CEO, Craig Howson.

The ship’s compliment normally includes either a naturalist or guest lecturer. The ship’s lounge features large presentation screens and every effort is made to present interpretative information in a relaxed an enjoyable manner. Small group expeditions ensure constant access to knowledgeable guides and a ship’s library is also available.

Whilst the True North is renowned for its comfort and style, shipboard life is not the focus – there are no swimming pools or casinos onboard, conversely the focus is very much about providing guests with every opportunity to experience the destination.

All cruises are activity-based and feature the True North’s unequalled style, stunning modern cuisine and a young Australian crew. Multiple expedition boats encounter wilderness in small groups and, to add yet another dimension to adventure, the True North sails with her very own helicopter.

The TRUE NORTH’S Kimberley Wilderness Cruise is a ‘gallery’ hosting possibly the oldest art known to mankind – Aboriginal rock paintings.

Each itinerary features opportunity to admire pristine examples of both Wandjina and Gwion Gwion style art. Wandjina art is characterised by spirit figures. In Aboriginal stories the Wandjina were the cloud and rain spirits who created the landscape and its inhabitants. Gwion Gwion art is only found in the Kimberley and consists primarily of human figures ornamented with accessories such as tassels and headdress. Past research concerning this art has included debate about the origins and the ethnicity of the artists. Guests access ‘galleries’ either via guided walks or dedicated helicopter flights. The ship’s biologist/naturalists provide entertaining interpretive sessions. Some departures feature guest speakers with elevated knowledge of Aboriginal culture.

The True North features instantaneous filling facilities for SCUBA cylinders, complimentary snorkelling equipment and experienced divemasters. A marine biologist is normally included in the ship’s compliment when visiting coral environs. The Seven Seas in Seven Seasons sailing schedule includes some of the world’s most revered coral habitats including The Rowley Shoals and Ningaloo Reef!

There are usually no tracks in the areas that we visit, in fact, many of the True North's destinations can only be accessed by an adventure-cruise ship!

A taste for adventure and a carefully crafted sailing schedule ensures every destination is experienced at its stunning best! "Go wild in style"

Activity-based itineraries to satisfy the most discerning
Discover virtually unseen and untouched parts of Australia from True North. Multiple expedition vessels take guests in small groups to experience wilderness ‘up close’. Everyone on-board has the luxury of experiencing their own unique adventure, choosing activities from heli-picnics to overnight camping adventures in remarkable locations. Watch video »

Kimberley Waterfalls
The Kimberley region is celebrating one of its biggest waterfall seasons. Watch the video to see the spectacular falls in action. Watch video »

Aboriginal Connections
The Kimberley region is home to hundreds of thousands of rock art paintings and drawings known as Bradshaw or Wandjina rock art. These beautiful and mysterious paintings are hidden in outback bush galleries on the huge escarpments and terracotta rock surfaces of the north Kimberley. Guests access ‘galleries’ either via guided walks or dedicated helicopter flights. Find out more »

Heli-picnics are a must-do
Anything is possible with a helicopter on board including heli-picnics to rock pools and waterfalls completely inaccessible in any other way. Find out more »

Fishing is addictive
For accomplished flickers or novices, this is fishing in style, and in some of the most pristine fishing waters on earth. And to share 'catch of the day' with all the guests onboard just adds to the thrill of the catch. Watch video »


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