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Sensitively designed to blend seamlessly with this ruggedly beautiful, untouched landscape, Southern Ocean Lodge appears to float along its secluded cliff top setting.

The expansive Great Room lies at the helm, forming the hub of the lodging experience – dine decadently in the Restaurant, lounge with a book and a drink or plan a great day ahead. Floor to ceiling windows extend panoramic views of white-sanded beaches pounded by the wild Southern Ocean. Local limestone walls, recycled timbers and bespoke furnishings afford guests a sanctuary of refined comfort and luxe, Kangaroo Island style.

Guests can be as active as they please or, just enjoy time out watching the Great Southern Ocean and the lodge ambience of the Great Room.

A grand, ever-changing landscape and wild untouched horizons invoke a sense of being a privileged pioneer. With exceptional guided experiences and adventures included in the nightly tariff, Southern Ocean Lodge delivers a complete Kangaroo Island experience.  Guests can be as active as they please with a personalised experiential itinerary tailored on arrival, which affords guests the opportunity to encounter abundant wildlife first hand whilst ‘treading lightly’.

A range of signature activities offered daily allows guests to encounter a rich and varied wildlife: an up close and personal encounter with a sea lion, an excursion to explore the vast labyrinth of nearby Kelly Hill Caves, the discovery of the magic of the Southern Sky from the comfort of the stargazing platform. Walk amongst enormous sea lions basking languidly on the beach, witness kangaroos at dusk – ‘kanape’ in hand. Discover Island food and wine delights or the local arts with an optional private charter or relax and enjoy nature’s theatre from a stage of organic luxe.

For dedicated island exploration, excellent private charters are also available. Discover epicurean delights, visit local artists or step off the beaten track to encounter wildlife in Australia's own Galapagos.

Venture along the coastal boardwalk to the secluded Southern Spa, an intimate and tranquil oasis atop sheer limestone cliffs, with views to the great sweep of the southern sky and imagined Antarctic. Retreat and rejuvenate with tailored treatments featuring the Dreamtime-inspired Li’tya spa care range and aboriginal massage techniques. Kangaroo Island’s own natural beauty products – Ligurian honey, eucalyptus, mineral salts and lavender combine to create an essential Island spa experience.

Kangaroo Island wildlife
Personalised signature itineraries for guided excursions are offered to guests at Southern Ocean Lodge including ample opportunity to see many of the unique and extraordinary species of wildlife on the island. The Kangaroo Island Kangaroo, Tammar Wallaby, Brushtail Possum, Short Beaked Echidna, Southern Brown Bandicoot, Western and Little Pygmy Possum, endemic Sooty Dunnart, Bush and Swamp Rat, six bat species, six frog species, Heath Goanna, Black Tiger Snake, Pygmy Copperhead, Australian Sea-lion and New Zealand Fur-seal are all native to Kangaroo Island. The koala, platypus and Ringtail Possum are introduced species and still thrive today. Find out more »

Wilderness and National Parks
National and conservation parks cover more than one third of the total area of land on Kangaroo Island. These are havens for wildlife and a great place to get close to Australian nature. See sea lions lolling around Admirals Arch, koalas clinging to trees in Kelly Hill Conservation Park, waves crashing against the island's shoreline, and rock formations that will take your breath away. From very early in Kangaroo Island's European settlement, national and conservation parks were declared across the Island in recognition of the importance of preserving the unique plant and wildlife species that exist here. Some of these species of plants and animals are either threatened or exist nowhere else in Australia. Find out more »

Southern Spa
The acclaimed Southern Spa offers a signature menu of Dreamtime-inspired LI’TYA spa treatments, with Aboriginal massage techniques complemented by Kangaroo Island’s natural beauty ingredients: mineral salts, pink clay, eucalyptus, lavender and Ligurian honey. Meaning ‘of the earth’ the LI’TYA spa experience combines a range of sensory therapies that purify, nourish and harmonise the body using the profound wisdom of ancient Aboriginal medicines, spirituality and healing modalities. Find out more »

Beach fishing
Lodge guests may enjoy one of the great simple pleasures of life, fishing from the beach.

Mountain Bikes
A fleet of new mountain bikes is now on offer for guests at Southern Ocean Lodge, perfect for taking for a spin off the beaten track and exploring the wilderness of Kangaroo Island. A medium grade mountain bike trail loops from Southern Ocean Lodge through the bush and along the coast. It’s a fun way to spend time with family and friends and to get out for fitness in the fresh air. There’s a good chance of meeting wildlife along the way - koalas, kangaroos, Tamar wallabies and echidnas all call the bush home and might hop out to see the spectacle! Bikes are free for guest use at any time of day and helmets are provided.


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