The Thoughtful Traveller

Aug 24, 2021

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast delves into an insightful interview with Luxury Lodges of Australia Executive Officer, Penny Rafferty as they discuss citizen science opportunities for guests, leadership in sustainability, the positive impact of travelling with purpose and how the world is not just there for extraction. 

“In the third of my Deep Dive Into Thoughtful Travel interview episodes, I chat with Penny Rafferty in South Australia, with a wide-ranging discussion about all manner of thoughtful travel topics.

I started off asking Penny about her fascinating career trajectory, which sees her now taking the roles of both Head of Sustainability at Tourism Australia and Executive Officer of Luxury Lodges of Australia. Her roles have given her plenty of food for thought and we discuss both her professional and personal experiences of tourism and travel, how travel can change us, and how travellers can change the world.” Amanda Kendle – The Thoughtful Travel Podcast.

To listen to the full podcast, visit.


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