Multigenerational Gatherings

Apr 14, 2021

In a busy and dispersed world, one of life’s real luxury luxuries is time together as a family. The Luxury Lodges of Australia accommodate just a small number of guests at any one time, many of them perfect for a buyout by an extended family, allowing for a more intimate and private stay and sets the scene for a time of shared experiences.

Grandparents and grandchildren alike are able to connect to the region and each other through signature experiences with a focus on pristine natural landscapes, wildlife, Indigenous heritage, nature and high-end cuisine. Young adults can exercise their adventurous spirit alongside their parents in unique and immersive settings.

Celebration of milestones such as birthdays and anniversaries are made all the more special by the sense of exclusivity of access to place, and the memories all can share. 

Luxury Lodges of Australia include sample itineraries to envision when planning your Multigenerational Gatherings or you can visit Family Friendly Experiences to see a full list of inspiring activities hosted at the lodges.


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