Our Gift To You

Dec 13, 2021

It is hard to believe we are nearly at the end of 2021. And ‘what a year’ it has been… clearly an understatement for us all.
Our gift to you as we head into holiday season, is a new Luxury Lodges of Australia digital magazine, Lodge Life, housing a collection of insightful and inspiring stories of Australian experiential luxury, and a fabulous legacy reflection from our Chair for the last twelve years, James Baillie. 

We pride ourselves in Australia on telling a good story, and the team at Luxury Lodges of Australia has worked with some of the country’s best travel writers to bring to you just a few of the stories of our people, our places and our style of experiential luxury – the rest are out there for you to discover and connect with.
As I reflect on so many aspects of the year, there is one thought I keep returning to, is my newly developed, honed and much tested lifeskill of being able to ‘flex without frustration’. It is a skill I suspect we will all use to balance the uncertainties we know 2022 will present, with optimism, as we look to a new year, and start to indulge in one of life’s great pleasures, planning travel.
If like so many, you are limping-and-galloping to the end of 2021 and don’t have time to read this yet, do bookmark our Lodge Life digital magazine to read over the holiday season. I hope it brings you joy.

Warm regards,

Penny Rafferty
Executive Officer

To read the inaugural edition of Lodge Life, visit.


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