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The platform for dining on-board the True North is sustainable, organic and very Australian cuisine.

The ship’s menus are also destination inspired and feature the very best of locally sourced ingredients.

Modern technique is used to showcase alongside more traditional method.

The galley delivers continuously evolving dishes drawing from an array of different cuisines to ensure that dining experiences are unique to every cruise.

Signature dining includes freshly caught barramundi - a revered sport fish possibly caught that day by guests themselves.

Signature dishes might include the revered barramundi - perhaps caught by your own hand that very day, plump black-lip oysters that you no doubt helped to prize from the rock while at the same time sipping on an equitable glass of champagne, mud crabs cooked on the beach at sunset and, Spanish mackerel served as sashimi in the ship’s lounge.

Whilst cruising in the Kimberley, hometown highlights can include delicious mangrove jack and finger-mark bream, seasonal yellow-fin tuna, Yeeda estate beef, more than 20 different varieties of Kimberley honey and mangos from Broome, West Australian lamb and Margret River black pig.

TheTrue North's ‘heli-picnics’ are an unforgettable way to enjoy the quintessential Aussie barbeque featuring a wide variety of seafood cooked alongside your private waterfall in the wild. The menu might include freshly caught reef fish, local shrimp, squid, pearl meat and not forgetting the essential lamb chop and beef sausage!

Dinning on-board the True North is a casual affair with no assigned seating but culinary experiences are always to the highest standard.

In the Galley…..

The galley artisans led by head-chef Andy Tonge; feature an international breadth of knowledge gained through experiences in some of the world’s top eating establishments and, their love of travelling and experiencing new food cultures.

English-born Andy came through the ranks in the Michelin stared kitchens of London and England’s north-west before settling in Australia – a base to explore the diverse possibilities offered by nearby cultures.

Nik Flak began his career in a highly-regarded Japanese fusion restaurant before conditioning his skill set in in one of Australia’s most renowned three-hat restaurants and, his love of ocean and outback have made him a natural in the galley of the True North.

Alex Balgin’s Margaret River origins have served him well in restaurants where famed West Australian province and seasonality are the mantra.

The True North prides itself on having a ship-wide open-door policy – you can chat with the captain on the bridge, take a tour of the engine room with the chief engineer or visit the ship’s galley to share our knowledge and passion for food……….at any time during the day.

The freshest fish ever...
Dining in style onboard True North includes the unforgettable experience of eating fish just minutes out of the water, and often caught by the guests themselves.


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