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Appellation at The Louise is widely regarded as one of Australia’s finest regional dining destinations showcasing the finest produce and food culture of the Barossa. With co-located luxury vineyard accommodation at The Louise, this is a compelling reason to visit Australia’s most famous wine region.

Appellation’s executive chef is a strong advocate of the belief that eating locally is first and foremost about superior freshness and flavour.

Over the past several years, the emergence of restaurant Appellation at The Louise has heralded a new destination for culinary tourism and genuine hospitality within this leading wine region of the Southern Hemisphere. Aspiring to achieve a memorable dining experience on par with the very best country luxury lodges of America, Europe, New Zealand and South Africa, Appellation celebrates the world renowned wines of its local region along with exemplary wines from around the world, paired with local, seasonal, fresh ingredients to deliver an inspired match of food and wine in a casually elegant setting. Appellation is an intimate, candle-lit evening restaurant, ready to tempt and delight the seasoned food and wine traveller. 

Appellation continues to be ranked in the nation's top 50 restaurants as listed in the Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Guide since 2007 (currently with two stars and three goblets), and has received multiple awards in recent years. Appellation is a compelling reason to visit the Barossa.

Appellation is open from 6pm-9.30pm daily and The Louise guest tariff includes dinner in Appellation on each night of the stay. Appellation and Contour both welcome guests at The Louise as well as non-residents for dinner.

There’s a cool new vibe at Contour where intimate booths, a counter seat bar, a menu of favourites and a long list of wines, local brews and cocktails are reason to linger longer. Contour is open to visitors and in-house guests for a ‘long weekend’ from Friday through to Sunday evenings. 

Please contact the lodge to make a booking on +61 8 8562 2722 or enquire online.

Award-winning Appellation Restaurant
Casual and elegant are the hallmarks of destination restaurant Appellation, co-located with the Barossa's luxury vineyard retreat, The Louise, where an inspired culinary team guides one of Australia’s finest regional dining venues. Watch video »

Seasonal, Fresh & Locally Grown Produce
A passionate advocate for freshness, seasonality and regionality in food, Appellation's menus are based on ingredients sourced from an extensive network of local suppliers. This passionate kitchen accepts only the best produce, fruits, meats, poultry and seafood. This is a kitchen with a mission that "fresh is not just best; it is the only reason to cook." This philosophy has led to the establishment of an extensive kitchen garden, form which the chefs source fresh produce daily. Find out more »

Wine Friendly food
Appellation features a nightly wine-paired Chef's Tasting Menu, a Seasonal Selections menu as well as the flexibility to design custom menus to suit special occasions and extraordinary wines. Appellation believes that the sum of 'food + wine' should be greater than the individual parts and that wine is a finished product. The Chef's Tasting Menus are a series of dishes created to pair with specific wines, creating a unique marriage, with ingredients directed by the season. Find out more »

A Restaurant With Rooms...
“One place to combine your passion for food and wine is The Louise, a justly renowned country inn whose contemporary, sophisticated accommodations are surpassed only by an exemplary on-site restaurant, Appellation.” Andrew Collins - Out of Town Find out more »


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