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Committed to Putting The Barossa on the World Stage.

The Louise’s philosophy of “committed luxury” is centred on a vision of developing and supporting The Barossa region of South Australia as an international culinary tourism destination.

Owners Jim and Helen Carreker set out to design a destination restaurant that was deeply connected to the Barossa region, its producers and the environment.

They succeeded in creating Appellation, one of Australia’s premier restaurants, in what is now recognised as a leading wine and food region, producing some of the highest quality, naturally grown ingredients in the world.

“We operate from a commitment and a belief that The Louise exists to add value for our guests, employees, our local community and to the sustainable environment of the planet,” says Jim Carreker.

“Our passion and our reward is seeing The Barossa stand sustainably on the world stage for its phenomenal cuisine, art, entrepreneurs and community.”

Environmental, Cultural and Economic Sustainability of a Region

This commitment to environmental sustainability in its broadest sense informs everything at The Louise.

The Barossa’s German early settlers established food and wine traditions - and a resourcefulness - that inspire The Louise’s culinary practices today.

Around 85 per cent of the food and wine on the Appellation menu comes from within South Australia – and the majority of that from within 30km of the back door, including seasonal fruits and vegetables from the restaurant’s own kitchen garden.

Supporting dozens of local providers, this results in a significant economic benefit to the local community, purveyors, farmers and growers.

All produce is non-GMO and from producers practising traditional, sustainable green methods of farming, drawing particularly from organic or biodynamic methods and producers.

The Appellation culinary team smoke their own fish, forage for wild greens and pickle the excess harvest from the kitchen garden. They bake sourdough bread – and even carbonate their own rainwater.

Virtually nothing is wasted: whole beasts are broken down to provide fine cuts, smallgoods, stocks and sauces. All wet waste from the kitchen is composted and converted to rich fertiliser for the kitchen garden, which in turn provides the highest quality produce for the table, at its peak nutritional ripeness.

Meaningful Connection to Community

A key focus is on exposing guests to authentic regional flavours.

However, the committed luxury principle extends beyond the kitchen and borders of the property. Guests are actively encouraged to connect with the local environment, producers and artisans through delightful experiences such as breakfasting with wild kangaroos; meeting boutique and start-up winemakers; and hiking or cycling through native bushland.

With roots firmly embedded in the local community, The Louise is a significant contributor to the thriving Barossa community, economy and natural habitat.

Other sustainability initiatives (Our Mandatories):

  • South Australia is the driest state in the driest continent in the world. Water conservation and recycling is an imperative for all who live there. The Louise is invested in a world-class water management system, centred on rainwater catchment and re-cycling.
  • Water served at The Louise is filtered, collected rainwater. For sparkling water, the restaurant carbonates the filtered rainwater, not relying on imported bottled water, thus reducing landfill and carbon emissions.
  • A waste-water treatment plant has been installed to recycle all waste water from the property to maintain the grounds and gardens, which have been landscaped almost exclusively with indigenous plants. All irrigation is subsurface and virtually eliminates water wastage.
  • There are no more plastic straws at The Louise. Reusable stainless-steel straws have been introduced across the entire property.
  • Paper and glass recycling is practised throughout the property.
  • The Louise employs 45 members of the local community and has created a staff sponsorship fund which specifically supports regional charitable programs. It also actively supports business associates such as the Barossa Wine Show, the Marananga Wine Show, and Seppeltsfield Road Business Alliance.
  • The Louise bucks the tourism industry – and general corporate – norm, having appointed an all-female executive team.

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