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The focus at Sal Salis is the surrounding wilderness and its marine and land inhabitants. The tented accommodation is designed to meld with the sights and sounds of the bush outside the tents... a red kangaroo grazing amongst the dunes, the beautiful song of a Butcherbird or the slap of a humpback whale breaching just beyond the reef.  At the same time, however, the camp team ensure you are very well looked after and key creature comforts are provided.  This is after all, camping in style.

The unobtrusiveness of the camp means the local fauna feels safe to visit: it’s not uncommon for guests to find a kangaroo grazing just outside their tent or during nesting season, see female turtles laying their eggs on the beach.

Each of the fifteen spacious wilderness tents and the honeymoon tent are raised on platforms that allow the coastal breezes to naturally cool the rooms.  The en suite bathroom at the rear of the tent has a rustic and ecological simplicity to fit the surrounding environment.  Composting loos and limited shower water per day ensure water usage is carefully and sparingly managed; an important consideration in this semi-arid habitat.  The supremely comfortable king and twin beds are made up with top quality bed linen.  A third person can be accommodated in a swag bed - the traditional bed roll of the Australian bushman, these are the deluxe version and are very comfortable, particularly for younger travellers.

The camp is primarily solar powered and there is no air-conditioning, mini bar, television or modern appliance in the tents – the focus is on the surrounding wilderness and the opportunity to reconnect with nature.  

Rates are inclusive of all meals, beverages, and all guided activities.

Children aged 5 years and older are welcome. 

Sal Salis is usually closed from the end of October to mid-March. Please contact the lodge for exact dates.


Life at Sal Salis...
Sal Salis brings a touch of style to a remote and spectacularly beautiful wilderness region, but the true luxury of Sal Salis is the chance to reconnect with nature and escape from the everyday. Watch video »

Connect With Nature
Key luxury standards mesh with close proximity to the surrounding wilderness making for a highly memorable experience. Find out more »

Daytime relaxation
“ don’t need expensive motorized craft to get to it (Ningaloo Reef). The coral at Sal Salis is quite literally off the beach. Upon arrival, I was greeted at the lodge by another of the blessed-out but attentive young hosts, bearing an iced drink and a scented flannel ….. I discovered my hammock strung outside my tent and, more important, I discovered that if I lay in it long enough, I could watch whales blowing and curling out on the ink-blue horizon.” ... Max Anderson - The Sunday Times Find out more »


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