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The Lodge menu features fresh local fish and seasonal, local produce – with a hint of bush foods – and fine Western Australian wine.

After a day exploring the reef or the Cape Range, the camp provides an oasis of comfort and sanctuary to chill out during or at the end of each day.  The resident chef prepares delicious meals peppered with local ingredients and highlighting fresh seafood while offering a select cellar of premium Western Australian wines.  In this relaxed and informal atmosphere meals are shared with other guests and hosted by the Sal Salis team.

An evening drive and sundowner on top of the Cape Range is a spectacular way to end the day otherwise sundowners are also served on the whale viewing deck above the camp.  For guests looking for more seclusion in the evening, dinner hampers can be prepared to take down to the beach for a romantic evening at the water’s edge.

Drinks are included in the tariff and include a selection of beers, spirits and premium Western Australian wines.

The ‘down to earth’ style of the camp means that guests can help themselves to drinks from the open bar at any time of day.

Sundowner drinks are part of the ritual at Sal Salis... a time to reflect on the beauty of place, discoveries of the day, and mingle with other camp guests. “Sal Salis is a feel-good place. After a day with whale sharks, snorkelling in turtle holes, or hammock swinging, there is a daily ritual of ‘sundowners’. There are only ever about 10 guests, so it’s a first-name, casual gathering over drinks as the sun dips into the ocean. Adventurous camp canapés – such as emu rice-paper rolls, panna cotta with wild rosella compote or kangaroo skewers – roll out from the kitchen as guests trade stories on the day’s close encounters.” ...The Age – Robert Upe

“… Sal Salis is camping at its most effortless. Not only are the meals delicious – everything from whole baked emperor to curried prawns and honey-coated spatchcock – the service is wonderfully discreet. And for much of the time you hardly notice anyone else is staying here. But for most people the camp’s main attraction is the privileged access it provides to Ningaloo Reef just a few metres away from the steps of your tent.” ... Conde Nast – Mark Chipperfield


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