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Stretching for 280 kms along Australia’s west coast Ningaloo Reef is one of the world’s longest fringing coastal reefs.  Isolated by distance and a rugged arid hinterland, the vibrancy of the marine life, as soon as you dip below the surface of the water, is exhilarating.  Untouched by coastal degradation or pollution Ningaloo is arguably the best preserved reef complex in the world and it lies just a few metres offshore.

“Our motivation through the experiences we offer is to expose our guests to the beauty, complexity and fragility of the Ningaloo Reef and Cape Range ecosystems, fostering an understanding of our co-existence within the natural landscape, and the need for conservation.” Luke Walker, Chief Operating Officer, Journey Beyond.

Each year the marine spectacle is enhanced by the arrival of the world’s biggest fish, the Whale Shark, on its migration northwards and Ningaloo is recognised as the best place in Australia to swim with these gentle giants of the ocean.  The sight of a Humpback Whale breaching the surface just beyond the breakers of the reef is another unforgettable spectacle from the comfort of the camp. From August each year, swimming with Humpback Whales is a highlight for guests at Sal Salis.

On shore the hinterland in the Cape Range National Park is dominated by a limestone spine that is dissected by deep rugged gorges that host a surprising variety and quantity of mammals. Euros (wallaroos), Red Kangaroos and emus are all regular sightings in camp.

The sun and tide set the pace at Sal Salis.  At high tide take gentle stroll up the beach, dodging Soldier Crabs, before drift snorkelling back along the inner edge of the reef.  Or kayak out to the Blue Lagoon, a 5 metre deep natural aquarium where huge schools of fish, reef sharks and turtles swim amongst the coral formations. Ningaloo is a major breeding ground for Hawksbill, Loggerhead and Green Turtles, which lay their eggs on the beach at night. Between April and June, the ultimate experience comes with swimming with the Whale Sharks on their northward migration.

At sunrise take a guided walk up Mandu Mandu gorge to spot an elusive Black-footed Rock Wallaby and learn of the region’s ancient geological and Aboriginal history. At sunset sit back on the dunes behind camp with a glass of chilled wine and watch the last rays of light disappear over the Indian Ocean.

Adventures of a lifetime
One of the great adventures of a lifetime is best experienced while staying at Sal Salis. This is the best place in Australia to swim with the largest fish in the oceans, the whale shark - from April to July. And from August to October, guests can also swim with the humpback whales as they migrate along the Coral Coast. Watch video »

Marine diversity and beauty
Ningaloo Reef is the major natural feature of this coast and activities from camp include coastal drift snorkels on the inner edge of the reef, kayak snorkels to the Blue Lagoon, swimming with turtles or, in April to June, swimming with Whale Sharks. Whale watching tours are conducted in August to October. Fishing: Exmouth Gulf is the best and only place in Australia for bone fishing. The early months of the year are the best for bill fish. The immediate offshore waters offer excellent opportunities for pelagic and one of the best places in the country for Sailfish. Find out more »

Hiking Mandu Mandu Gorge
Early morning walks into the Cape Range provide a rugged and beautiful contrast to the reef and beach activities. Guided walks usually depart from camp before sunrise while temperatures are cooler and take in Mandu Mandu Gorge in the range behind camp. Guided walks and cruises at Yardie Creek are also included. Land mammals include Red Kangaroos, Euros, Sand Monitors, Echidna and Black-footed Rock Wallabies. Emus are frequently sighted through the national park. Find out more »

Sea Kayaking
Kayaks are the perfect vessel for exploring the reef with minimal interference to the ecosystem. The Blue Lagoon is a 5m deep natural aquarium where huge schools of fish, reef sharks and turtles swim among the coral formations. Find out more »


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