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Tasmania’s East Coast boasts some of the cleanest air and water in the world, and has attracted farmers of the land and sea (including its original Aboriginal Palawa inhabitants) for tens of thousands of years. Today, it is home to a thriving combination of aquaculture and agriculture, with fine food and wine produced right on Saffire Freycinet’s doorstep.

The climate, reminiscent of the south of France, produces stunning, flavourful cool-climate wines such as chardonnay, pinot noir and deeply layered sparkling wines that have won international acclaim.

The theme of ‘connection to place’ also manifests in Saffire’s menu.

Plump, succulent oysters are farmed practically on Saffire’s doorstep in the pristine waters of Great Oyster Bay. And nearby, enterprising mussel farmers have created the world’s first commercial mussel hatchery at Spring Bay.

Saffire's chefs source the best of Tasmania’s succulent grass-fed beef and lamb, full-flavoured game meats, fresh herbs and spices and seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Executive Chef and Tasmanian local, Paddy Prenter, has a reputation for integrity and passion for quality local produce. Paddy’s menu emulates the best seasonal produce while always supporting local suppliers. His food is creative and shows passion and love for his island home Tasmania.

Saffire's restaurant, Palate, prides itself on showcasing the best Tasmania has to offer, and provides tailor-made experiences to suit all guests. From early morning to late evening, food innovation in the kitchen aims to bring out the true flavours of home-grown produce.

Multi-course degustation menus matched with the outstanding local wines are a speciality, with menus designed around what is fresh out of the water or from the paddock on any given day. If guests prefer they can consult the chef for a masterful interpretation of a favourite dish made from the finest local ingredients, or choose from the à la carte menu.

People produce and place
Tasmania's East Coast is home to a thriving combination of aquaculture and agriculture, with fine food and wine produced right on Saffire’s doorstep. Watch video »

Regional Produce
The food philosophy at Saffire is focused on procuring the finest regional produce to craft cuisine that highlights the best of the Tasmanian East Coast.

Palate Restaurant
From Palate Restaurant the 'sense of place' is possibly at its peak, seeing, smelling, touching, tasting all that is purely Tasmanian.


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