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Odalisque III, a stylish 24-metre three-deck catamaran, houses two spacious lounges, three outdoor viewing decks and seven luxe cabins with private ensuites. Launched in 2023, the custom-built vessel merges indulgence with adventure, rewarding guests with fine fare and exclusive access to remote locations. With space for just 12  guests across seven cabins, you can expect every onboard experience to be intimate and personal, and every activity to be considered and tailored to guest preferences. 

Each morning a new wilderness scene plays out through enormous bedside windows that invite the natural world in.

There are two cabin classes onboard. The Southwest Suites of the upper deck exude sophistication and reflect the moody tones of Tasmania's southwest. The relaxed and thoughtful Coastal Cabins of the main deck, which are a little more compact than their upper deck counterparts, have a coastal-chic feel, reminiscent of the soft, sandy colours of Tasmania's east coast.

Beds are framed with photographs of On Board’s favourite wild places, taken by one of their talented guides who doubles as a gifted photographer. Guests rest their heads on bed linen featuring local Tasmanian botanical prints including kelp and a rare flowering holly only found in the southwest, Lomatia tasmanica, created by local artist Deborah Wace. Each morning a new wilderness scene plays out through enormous bedside windows that invite the natural world in.

The new vessel has allowed the On Board team great opportunity to bring their operational sustainability to the highest standard. Through considered design, the experience is intended to have a low environmental impact. When guests are on land, sensitivity toward flora and fauna is top of mind – guides hold an encyclopaedic knowledge of this fragile setting and explain how to tread lightly, fostering environmental ambassadors in the process.

Floating Lodge
Odalisque III - designed for comfort, style and safety. Purpose-built for minimal impact tourism within Tasmania's most precious World-Heritage Wilderness Areas. Find out more »

Local Produce
Top Tasmanian wines are poured after a day of hiking or bird-watching, complemented by local fare that embodies the island in a mouthful.


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