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Lizard Island's Advanced Ecotourism Certified and GreenPath Ambassador Ecotourism Certification is Ecotourism Australia's flagship program. Launched in 1996, it was the world's first ecotourism certification program. Ecotourism and nature tourism accreditation provide travellers, industry, protected area managers, and local communities with an assurance that an accredited product is backed by a commitment to best practice ecological sustainability, natural area management and the provision of quality ecotourism experiences.

Lizard Island's Advanced Ecotourism Certified and GreenPath Ambassador Ecotourism Certification, launched in 1996, was the world's first Ecotourism Certification Program.

ECO Certification was designed and developed for the Australian tourism industry. ECO Certification includes comprehensive coverage of the triple-bottom line Sustainability method: economic, environmental and social/cultural sustainability. The credibility of the program is maintained through a comprehensive and transparent independent assessment and audit process.

Delaware North Australia Parks and Resorts - owners and operators of Lizard Island, is creating a greener, more sustainable business. Lizard Island is part of an environmental management system called GreenPath that is applicable to every site where Delaware North is located. GreenPath focuses on the total environmental impacts of our operations, including water and energy use, packaging, lighting, waste and food sourcing. 

Lizard Island enthusiastically seeks ways to support its environmental performance in all areas of operations by working with suppliers, clients, partners, customers and the community.

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Each of the Luxury Lodges of Australia has initiatives that fall within the broad scope of Corporate Social Responsibility best practises - to protect or preserve cultural and/or natural heritage, sustainability, conservation etc. Here is a snapshot of these initiatives... Find out more »


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