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A regular calendar of Cooking Classes are hosted by Executive Chef and Owner  Alla Wolf-Tasker AM in the state of the art demonstration kitchen at Lake House. Many of Australia’s top chefs, regional producers and winemakers are frequent participants in the program. Hands on culinary workshops and ‘foraging’ excursions for both wild foods and artisanal produce are available  to groups through advance booking.


Food and wine are consuming passions in Daylesford, and with good reason. A quirk of sunlight, soil, rain and the mineral rich volcanic soil means anything in the ground almost grows itself.

There's an undisguised pride amongst local producers and winemakers and there’s a plethora of experiences to be had in ‘ meeting the locals’ be they brewers, cider or winemakers, farmers, cattle, lamb or pork breeders, smallgoods producers or even bee keepers.

Armed with a ‘Tasty little Touring Map’, you can tour local villages visiting farm gates, markets, cellar doors or have Lake House design your own bespoke expedition. You'll be spoilt for choice. The region was awarded Best Food Region in the delicious magazine Australian Produce Awards and hosts culinary travellers from all over the world.


Allan Wolf-Tasker, Lake House co-proprietor and talented artist distributes his work to collectors worldwide. His studio is found onsite at Lake House and he welcomes guests to have a look at what he’s currently working on. A selection of his works is on display throughout the property and in each of the individual guest rooms.

SALUS DAY SPA - 'taking to the waters' and more...

Mineral Water…In a region that boasts the largest concentration of naturally occurring mineral springs in Australia,  their own locally bottled Salus Mineral & Spring Water is available for guests.

The state-of-the-art Spa is surrounded by waterfall fed streams and offers ten treatment areas.  A team of specialist massage therapists offer the best of holistic, remedial, deep tissue and relaxation treatments whilst a dedicated beauty team offer Advanced Performance and anti aging facials from the premium Elemis Range.

Individual private geisha style tubs offer hot 100% pure mineral water bathing. Located in ‘tree houses’  these overlook the lagoon and lake shore beyond  submerged in the therapeutic bubbles guests can look through the louvered shutters to the lake shore below.

Signature Seasonal Treatments… Signature seasonal treatments use first pressed essential oils and reflect  the region’s bounty – they utilise rosemary, pine and eucalyptus in Winter; magnolia, citrus and lilac in Spring.

Signature Treatment - Salus Bliss... Utilising the seasonal fragrances found throughout the Wombat State Forest and the local countryside, this body treatment combines a soothing rhythmic massage using hot volcanic rocks and warm oil to reduce tension and ease muscle aches. The body is then polished with Lime and Ginger salts to remove rough skin. Whilst you are all wrapped up, a soothing face and scalp massage completes this nourishing experience. Finish off with a Hydrostorm experience where steam assists the absorption of essential oils whilst Vichy jets and Waterfall showers rinse away the salt, exposing beautiful soft skin - fresh, nourished and rejuvenated.


The Wellness Revolution has not been ignored at Lake House. Over the years they have noticed a change in the way people approach food and wine. Visitors to Lake House certainly do not deny themselves – impossible with such inspiring menus. However increased activity and care with the way we treat our bodies has become more evident. It is not uncommon to see guests out walking around Lake Daylesford – or jogging into the Wombat State Forest – the properties location is ideal for those wanting to enjoy the pristine environment and country air.  Individual Yoga classes and Tai Chi are often booked by residential guests. Enjoyed in conjunction with their Salus Spa treatments and hot mineral water bathing, these can provide a holistic solution for a preventative approach  for guests wanting to indulge the mind, body and spirit.

Signature spa treatments
Signature Seasonal Treatments… Signature seasonal treatments use first pressed essential oils and speak of the region’s bounty – they utilise rosemary, pine and eucalyptus in Winter; magnolia, citrus and lilac in Spring.

Lake House Restaurant
The much-lauded restaurant at Lake House is an essential part of the experience.


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