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The balance between best-practice pastoral work and a commitment to sustainability and conservation

Bullo River Station operates with a clear vision for sustainable tourism and pastoral activities, in collaboration with Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC).

It all started with the current owners’ belief that cattle grazing and conservation could (and in fact, should) coexist successfully:

“Our vision for Bullo River Station is to demonstrate that thriving cattle operations and vibrant ecosystems can coexist," said Julian Burt, Co-owner of Bullo River Station. 


"By partnering with the Australian Wildlife Conservancy and reshaping our approach to pastoral activities, as well as our luxury tourism operations, we aspire to lead by example, and hope to prove that sustainable practices are not only feasible but essential for a resilient future.” Julian Burt, Co-owner.

Practising the ethos of never taking too much or working the land too hard, Bullo is a low-impact tourism destination that weaves immersive cultural experiences, conservation efforts, and the workings of a cattle station. This blend promises visitors an unforgettable experience that nurtures both the soul and the environment.

This working cattle station has long been synonymous with a pioneering spirit. Now, a groundbreaking approach to land management at Bullo is unfolding, to ensure tourism, pastoral activities and conservation can thrive side by side. AWC has been engaged by Bullo River Station under a 10-year agreement to deliver scientific biodiversity monitoring, research, weed control, planned burning and feral herbivore management. Much of this work is focused on over 140,000 hectares of dedicated conservation areas, as well as working alongside station management with targeted on-ground programs.

Guests and visitors will see sustainability in action at Bullo River Station across the board, including:

Conservation-driven luxury: Bullo River Station encourages travellers to embrace a new kind of luxury - one that transcends opulence and integrates a profound connection to nature and culture.

Guests are invited to engage in experiences that educate and inspire, including a range of rich wildlife and cultural activities. Bullo River Station seeks to ignite a sense of responsibility in travellers by promoting an understanding of the land’s cultural heritage and the complexity of its ecosystem.

Scientific ecological health monitoring: Bullo River Station is contributing to the broader efforts of protecting and restoring the country’s unique biodiversity, starting with a comprehensive understanding of the property’s ecology and wildlife. Since 2017, AWC scientists have been on the ground undertaking ongoing monitoring across a wide range of habitat types, from the spectacular rocky gorges to the most tranquil wetlands. In 2022, 12 new additions were made to the Bullo River inventory list of native species, bringing the total number of confirmed species on the property to 309 – 32 mammal, 67 reptile, 184 bird, 20 frog and six fish species.

During its time at Bullo, AWC recorded the first Northern Territory sightings of the carnivorous marsupial the False Antechinus and a rare species called the Scaly-tailed Possum. The team has also encountered a range of grass finches including the endangered Gouldian Finch, Star Finch, and Masked Finch.

Protected ecosystems and regenerative land management: Sensitive wetland and riparian areas have been destocked from cattle and in some areas, fences erected to prevent future feral animal incursion. AWC has also substantially improved fire regimes at Bullo River over time, burning a mosaic of vegetation at different ages – both creating and protecting habitat to support wildlife.

Sustainable Pastoral Practices: Bullo River Station applies innovative and sustainable cattle and pasture management practices that minimise environmental impact. Through rotational grazing, repair of gully erosion, additional water points and responsible water usage, the aim is to enhance soil health, maintain natural vegetation, and reduce carbon emissions.

Low-Impact Operations: Currently 80% of Bullo River Station’s electricity requirements are provided by solar power with the remaining 20% coming from diesel generators. The Station also endeavours to be as food self-sufficient as possible, with around half of all fruit and vegetables grown on the property for staff and guests. Bullo has replaced around 80% of single use plastics in its hotel operations, and composts most of its green and organic waste for use back in the vegetable garden.

Bullo River Station's bold vision stands as a testament to the power of collective action in preserving Australia's unique landscapes. By uniting the worlds of agriculture, conservation, and tourism, the station is charting a course toward a sustainable future that benefits both people and the planet.


Sustainable Pastoral Practices
Through rotational grazing, repair of gully erosion, additional water points and responsible water usage, the aim is to enhance soil health, maintain natural vegetation, and reduce carbon emissions.

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