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Guests come to Bamurru Plains to experience a beautiful wilderness region and its prolific wildlife and birdlife. The coastland floodplains and wetlands of the Top End are sensitive habitats and the camp’s presence in their midst must by necessity be low impact and in tune with the surrounding environment.

The camp was built with a minimal impact on the environment, i.e. the rooms and lodge were constructed amongst the fringing bush on the edge of the floodplains, using the pandanus palms and woodland for natural cover.

...Tourism should help foster conservation of Australia's natural and cultural heritage...

While hosting guests in this ecologically unique environment, Bamurru Plains makes a firm commitment to the principles of sustainability and conservation.  Each aspect of the camp: from energy usage to waste disposal; choice of linen; recycling of bottles (they filter their own water and do not use plastic mineral water bottles) or the use of eco-certified cleaning materials has been carefully planned to minimise the impact on the land. Their investment in solar power at the camp is aimed at minimising carbon emissions.

Their strongly held belief is tourism should help foster conservation of Australia's natural and cultural heritage and the rate includes a contribution to Australian Wildlife Conservancy, whose work on private sanctuaries around the country is at the forefront of protecting endangered species in Australia

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Each of the Luxury Lodges of Australia has initiatives that fall within the broad scope of Corporate Social Responsibility best practises - to protect or preserve cultural and/or natural heritage, sustainability, conservation etc. Here is a snapshot of these initiatives... Find out more »


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