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On the edge of the Timor and Arafura Seas and closer to the islands of Indonesia than much of Australia, the ‘Top End’ is a region of climatic extremes (wet and dry particularly), of spectacular storm skies and an annual cycle of environmental rebirth.

Each year the freshwater swamps are replenished by the flood waters that emanate from the escarpment country of Arnhem Land.  The big rivers swell and break their banks, the water and the crocodiles spread across the plains; Barramundi move from the mangroves to the creeks and water lilies flower, covering the billabongs with a carpet of colour.  As the year progresses the waters retreat and the vast plains come into view once again, the grasses mellow to gold and the red dust contrasts with the brilliant blue of the sky.

Skimming across the floodplains on an airboat is one of the best ways to see the birdlife that congregates here.

Built amongst the fringing woodland on the edge of the Mary River floodplain, Bamurru Plains is the perfect spot from which to explore this country.  The day breaks to the tune of thousands of Magpie Geese, the whistling of the kites and the thumping of Agile Wallabies hopping by your bungalow.

A short distance away, the ancient ravines and escarpments of Arnhem Land are the stronghold of Australia’s Aboriginal cultures. Rock art galleries record at least 50,000 years of Aboriginal occupation and reveal a depth of inherent history and culture.

A scenic flight over Kakadu and the escarpment in the early months of the year is an awe inspiring experience as the waterfalls cascade from the plateau into the floodplains below.

Skimming across the floodplains on an airboat is one of the best ways to see the birdlife that congregates here. On guided walks and drives search for brumbies, buffalo, dingos and wallabies or pause to look at an intriguing reptile or insect.

For guests looking for a sense of adventure, don't forget the treetop 'Hide' which is perched at canopy level on the edge of the floodplain and offers the chance to immerse in the sounds of the bush in complete seclusion.  

As a business whose destiny is inextricably linked with the environment, the team at Bamurru are always working to the parameters that mother nature provides in the Top End, where so many seasons come in the space of a year.  

When the drier than normal seasons occur, the expert Bamurru guides replace the water-based experiences with a swag of land based activities to explore Bamurru's beautiful riverine, paperbark and savannah woodland habitats. While drier seasons mean airboat activities can not take place, it does mean the country provides different opportunities to explore the landscape:- 

  • Walking is arguably the best way to take in the sights and sounds of the Australian bush.

  • Guided safari drives to the more remote edges of the property and to spot birds and wildlife in the paperbark forests that surround the floodplains.

  • More time is spent on the river, where crocodile densities are likely to be higher than usual as some individuals move off the floodplain.

  • Early morning drives to the mouth of the Sampan River and the coastline on the edge of Van Diemen's Gulf will provide the chance to spot plains reptile and bird life as well as crocodiles. 

  • Bamurru's chefs have the opportunity to display their skills in in creating some fabulous bush breakfasts out on the property.

  • Guests have the freedom to venture on to the pool deck after dinner for a star gazing extravaganza without fear of mosquito attack.

The 'Wild Bush Luxury’ concept brings a uniquely Australian style to your stay – a ‘down to earth’ yet attentive level of service; an appreciation of the finer details; and above all a team of hosts and guides who are passionate about the area and its wildlife.

Along with this, we are immensely aware of our dependence on the environment and we make a firm commitment to the principles of sustainability and conservation.

Through interactive guiding and personalised hosting we aim to provide guests with an innovative natural experience that inspires a greater awareness of Australia’s unique and specialised environment.

Rewilding in Australia’s Top End.
Immerse yourself in a unique natural environment. The floodplains and savannah woodland surrounding Bamurru Plains offer one of Australia’s richest wildlife experiences: tens of thousands of Magpie Geese mingle with Whistling Kites, egrets, herons and buffalo on the floodplain, while Blue-winged Kookaburras, parrots, cockatoos and Agile Wallabies inhabit the fringing woodlands. Watch video »

Bird Watching
The Mary River catchment is home to some 236 species of bird, many of which are found at Bamurru Plains. Even in the dry season the Swim Creek floodplain on which the property is situated retains large areas of water to which the birdlife congregates in extraordinary numbers rarely seen elsewhere in Australia. Find out more »

Aboriginal Connections
Beautiful billabongs, panoramic escarpments and ancient rock art galleries explained through the eyes of a local on a full day adventure to Arnhem Land by scenic air transfer. The day includes a visit to Injalak Hill, renowned for some of the best rock art in Western Arnhem Land. Find out more »

This region boasts one of the worlds great sports fish, the mighty Barramundi, both in the river systems and in the 'run off' on the floodplains. The prime fishing seasons are in February to May with the 'run off' as the fresh floodwaters from the 'wet' flow off the floodplains into the tidal river and creek channels and in October/November with the 'build up' to the wet. Find out more »

Guided Bushwalks
Guided bush walks are conducted by camp guides in the second half of the year. An early morning or sunset 4WD safari is part of the day's ritual. Find out more »

Floodplain Airboat Tours
The floodplain wetlands of the Mary River catchment are the key natural feature of this area and some of the most important in the country, home to thousands of Magpie Geese, Plumed Whistling-Duck, Egrets, Ibis and a host of other birds. A morning trip out on the plains in an airboat is utterly exhilarating and the only way to truly experience this environment. Find out more »


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