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South Australia is one of Australia’s great culinary stories: - its soils and clean air providing the key natural parameters for fresh and innovative produce.

“Hosted dinners and sharing stories with guides and fellow guests provide an atmosphere more akin to staying with friends in the country, or a private safari lodge.”

Arkaba has adopted a ‘buy local’ principle with its food and wine sourced entirely from South Australian producers and the chef working his own local touches to the menu. A purely South Australian wine cellar has been selected to showcase a cross-section of premium wine-growing regions and the grape varieties for which they are best known and respected. The bar is completely open and the chef will adapt very specifically to guest tastes and needs.

Arkaba's real luxury comes with the fact that it is small and therefore intensely personal. Dining around an old wool classing table on the outdoor terrace with the ever-changing light and sounds of the bush all around is a special and uniquely Australian experience. A firepit in the garden provides a great spot to retire after dinner with a glass of wine or port to watch the stars appear over this ancient landscape.

Evening dining
The outdoor terrace is the usual setting for a hosted dinner, with meals based on contemporary Australian cuisine with a few native elements to add a unique intrigue and interest.

Homestead breakfast
Breakfasts are a communal affair, hosted at the homestead's kitchen table.


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