Walks + Hikes

Lace-up your boots and instantly be immersed in the natural beauty and rich history of Mt Mulligan Lodge and this unique 28,000ha property and its star, Mount Mulligan - known to First Nations peoples as Ngarrabullgan. Range far and wide from the lodge along varying trails that uncover the unique flora, fauna, geology, and history of Mount Mulligan. The tales of this spiritual and captivating landscape lie deep, waiting to be explored. Trails include The Lodge Loop Track (6.5km), Railway Track (2.9km) and Geraldine Rock Track (1.2km).

Self Guided Nature Walk | Set off on foot on a self-guided nature walk around the Mount Mulligan weir.  The weir is a refuge for an array of native wildlife including bounding agile wallabies, freshwater turtles, many bird species, and a diverse collection of flora. Following detailed notes, takes a little over an hour.

Guided Nature Walk | The diverse flora and fauna will be apparent on this Field Guide-led walk amidst the beautiful Northern Outback Queensland bush which takes a little over an hour. 

Southern Ngarrabullgan Hike | This full-day tour highlights the ancient wonders of this spiritually sacred Country. Explore the base of Ngarrabullgan (Mount Mulligan) and the mysteries and intrigue that surround this timeless landscape and its Traditional Owners, the Kuku Djungan people.

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