Art At Silky Oaks Lodge

In the Daintree, Silky Oaks Lodge features the commissioned artworks of several Australian and local First Nations artists; Catherine Nelson is an Australian artist who uses digital technology as her paintbrush to create landscape ‘paintings’ and animations. Baillie Lodges sought out Catherine for a significant commission which sees her detailed, hypnotic artwork throughout the lodge. Guests will see Catherine Nelson’s incredible commissioned photographs featuring the Kuku Yalanji children playing in the Mossman River throughout Silky Oaks Lodge, including pentaptych and triptych installations as well as a lightbox installation in the central lodge, with individual pieces in each of the guest suites.

Danie Mellor Winner of the 2009 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award, Indigenous artist Danie Mellor is famous for his depictions of Aboriginal forest shelters. Three of Danie’s mesmerising prints appear at the entrance to the central lodge.  

Yalanji Arts Centre Located in the Mossman Gorge Aboriginal Community on the border of the World Heritage-listed Daintree National Park, Bamanga Bubu Ngadimunku (BBN) Aboriginal Corporations’ Yalanji Arts Indigenous art centre nurtures and develops the region’s artists to showcase culture and generate individual and community growth. Baillie Lodges commissioned artists from the community to create 45 ceramic disc tiles to represent the Daintree flora and fauna in an installation in the entrance to the central lodge. The tiles depict designs that represent the names of the guest suites, providing a link between the lodge, the suites, the Daintree and its First Nations Traditional Owners.

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